INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - Cranial Sacral Therapy

Baby massage uses a high quality non-fragranced vegetable oil, soothing holds and rhythmic strokes are given on each area of baby's body, following a sequence which has been developed over many years. The massage offers a wonderful experience and a special time to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with babies, so that they feel loved, valued and respected.

BENEFITS OF BABY MASSAGE A clinical study has revealed that massage may be helpful in a number of infant medical conditions. The results of the study revealed that the infants and children who received massage regularly from parents and grandparent volunteers had lower levels of anxiety and stress hormones and improved rates of recovery.

COLIC, GAS AND CONSTIPATION Very gentle strokes, using two fingers, in a clockwise motion over the abdomen of the baby may help to stimulate digestion and reduce the incidence of Colic (Infantile), gas and constipation.

BREATHING, CHEST AND SINUS CONGESTION Muscles of the chest, back, neck and face may benefit from the relaxing effects of Baby Massage. This relaxation may help to promote deeper breathing by relieving tension and constriction in tight muscles.

SLEEPING DISORDERS Baby Massage may help to promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation in an irritable infant.