I highly recommend developmental movement classes. I learned more than I anticipated about the vitality and importance of guiding infant movement from Scott and Nisha. They were able to explain which physical positions were optimal for mind-body development as well as which toys were best and why. They showed how to hold and move my baby so she would enjoy such things as tummy time - which she was averse to initially. I highly recommend these gentle, skilled and knowledgeable guides!
-Wendy Blum

My sessions with Scott were transformative. He encourages a fluid, unselfconscious healing process that is marked by intelligence, acceptance and unbelievable intuition. His subsequent work with my baby was also remarkable. He engenders an instant trust, and has the rare ability to follow and lead at the same time. He is an attentive, supportive and playful baby listener and a great source of relief and wisdom for parents.
-Alexandra Beller

"My daughter was right on the verge of crawling, but seemed...stuck. She wanted to move soo badly and would cry in frustration. I was referred to Nisha's developmental movement class to help her. After a few short sessions and practicing Nisha's suggestions at home my daughter is now squealing in celebration as she reaches for her toys on her own. I can't recommend this class enough. It's made a world of difference."

Scott's sessions have had a tremendous impact in both my baby Julia and my life. At two weeks old, Julia was having challenges latching while feeding and had lost a lot of weight. On the day of our first session I had sadly made the decision to stop breast-feeding. During the time that Scott was doing cranial-sacral therapy, Julia seemed to be blissful. After the session, Scott suggested I attempt to breast-feed Julia. Instantly, she was able to latch and feed for nearly 20 minutes. In addition, while she was feeding she seemed to be more alert and made eye contact with me for what felt like the first time. Scott's approach is empowering and compassionate. I highly recommend him to all parents and babies.
-Nicole Groves