BodyMind Baby offers classes and workshops for early childhood educators, early intervention providers and other child-serving professionals. Classes provide a unique framework of movement- based principles that can be applied to work with children in virtually any capacity.

During the first year of a baby's life, developmental movement affects their cognitive, emotional and physical well-being. Thus, undeveloped neuro- developmental pathways can manifest as limitations in physical and cognitive development. These limitations can can be compounded into adulthood and manifest in different aspects of daily life (emotional flexibility, organizational skills, physical prowess, etc). However, do to the placidity of the Body-Mind, these pathways, with skillful observation and hands on integration skills, can be reestablished at any stage in development.

BodyMind Baby Professional Development Workshop will offer an introduction to deconstructing movement patterns from a developmental perspective and facilitating re-patterning of these brain based movements to offer greater ease and comfort. These workshop are wonderful for practitioners working with pre-natal and post-natal clients as well professionals working with infants in various capacities.

Additional Professional Development workshops will explore how the infant developmental movement material translates to older children, adults, and special needs populations.

During a professional development workshop/ training we will look at the four main waves of development:

-Birth to 3 months

-4 to 6 months

-7-9 months

-10 -12 months

Within each (developmental) age group we will discuss:

1) What movement skills and aspects of relating and perceiving you will be looking for in each developmental age group.

2) What are the factors that can inhibit development in each age group.

3) What kind of activities and, if applicable, toys might you engage in each developmental age group.

4) Hands on applications to support optimal development

5) What suggestions you might give caregivers for each developmental age group

When allowed and encouraged, each baby goes through his or her own variation of learning to:

We will discuss why it is essential that each skill/pattern emerges, as well as the importance of the transitions between these positions and patterns.

BodyMind Baby Class Demonstration

This will give the participants a live observation of common themes and handling skills discussed in the presented material. Participants will also be able to hear the holistic language that BodyMind Baby practitioners use to foster empowerment and support for both the caregiver and the infant.