INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - Somatic Movement Therapy
Movement Therapy that is based in the somatic educational system of Body Mind Centering® emerges from the principle that support precedes movement. Utilizing a child's strengths, a movement therapist works to create ease within the child's existing movement, social, and emotional patterns, while simultaneously building a solid foundation to support future learning templates.

Somatic Movement Therapy assesses and engages the whole child while supporting and promoting their success. This approach offers your child a unique opportunity to enhance their sensory-motor skills through brain-based learning models. A Movement Therapist uses skilled observation, easeful movement and gentle hands-on re-patterning to allow your child the opportunity to facilitate motor, developmental, and perceptual integration. The movement therapy process helps to establish greater self awareness, dynamic social skills, sensory integration, coordination, neuromuscular re-education, memory, and academic enhancement--ultimately allowing your child to reach their fullest developmental potential.